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"I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day." [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2008|10:13 am]
UC: $18639 +
OSU: $16257+

Both universities are in large cities in Ohio. Cincinnati is 3.5 hours away, while Columbus is 2 hours away. I'm fine with either.

UC-residents enjoy:

choices -- like community- or suite-style living and lifestyle floors, where you live with other students from your college, major, athletic team or honors program
cable TV, air conditioning, microfridge, and high-speed Internet connections in every room -- one Internet connection per person!
sports and recreation facilities on campus
lounges with big-screen TVs, pool tables, grand pianos
computer labs on campus
fresh and healthy dining options, cooked-to-order
laundry facilities and meeting rooms in every hall; computer labs and hall or floor kitchens in most halls
better grades, higher GPAs and better graduation rates

Combination microwave and refrigerator in every room

Telephone and local phone service

Washers and Dryers in every building or complex

A staff of Resident Advisors to assist students

Air-conditioning (in buildings where this is standard)

Cable tv in every room

High speed internet access (known as ResNet)

More to come.
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2007|07:57 pm]
I don't know how I really feel about all this. The thoughts are all mixed up inside of my head. I don't even know. I don't know
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(no subject) [Jan. 14th, 2007|01:10 pm]
I love rain. It's so poetic when it falls, like the rain hitting the ground is beautiful. I don't like, however, when the sky is grey and cloudy and it looks like it's going to rain and it never does. It's depressing. But when it actually does rain a lot, like a heavy rain fall, it's so beautiful. Same goes with snow, except I don't love it... I like it. I like looking at it from inside, but I hate going outside in the snow when I don't want to... it's so cold and I can't stand be cold.

I love having my license. I love the freedom, and the responsibility that comes with it. I can go where ever (well, you know, like friend's house, out with friends, shopping, etc.), without asking my parents to take me... well, I will be able to do that once I get a car. I 've been going to Skipco, a car auction, with my grandpa and Uncle Steve trying to win. We haven't won yet, so I have to keep going every Saturday morning until we do. I hate going, but I guess I have to since it is my money that will be spent on a car. I hate not winning every week.

Me and Eric have been talking a lot about going to New York City this summer... well, not a lot, but we talked about it the other night. He thinks we should go after his cousin's wedding, but then that leads like a week before band camp for me... and we want to stay a week too... I don't think we can that week then... Plus, I don't want to miss any band. Haha, I'm a band nerd... that's okay. I really hope my parents will let me go. I don't think they'd let me go with just my boyfriend, I mean come on, they will assume that we will have sex, even though we won't. Because I don't want to. I'm far too young to. Plus absense is freedom, yo. But I don't think they will believe that anyway, 'cause we're teenagers... But anyway, I really would like to visit New York City this summer. It would be amazing. I love New York. There is so much I want to see that I didn't get to chance to when we went. It would be so amazing.

Last night Eric and I hung out. First we got Subway because we didn't want fast food. I got a turkey sub and a bag of chips... and apple juice. I'm trying to eat better, but it's not working well... Then we rented Accepted... It wasn't that good, but then we played Guitar Hero and talked a bit. I love that kid a lot. He's amazing. <3

Me and Jeff are fighting and I hate it so much. I'm going crazy because of it. We started fighting because I was mad because we haven't talked in almost a month. Like a long time ago, something was bothering me and I wanted to talk to Jeffrey about it, but we never talked 'cause we was always so busy, and so was I... But he never made an effort, he never told me he missed me, I told him all the time. And we've basically been fighting because of that, because we never talk anymore... I miss him... and he never calls, and I don't want to call 'cause Idk... but I don't know anymore.

So, I've been thinking about college, and I have no idea where I want to go, or what I want to be. I really do hope I get the oppertinity to live at college though. I would much rather do that than live at home. Really. I don't know... I should start thinking about it though... I still need to take the SAT... and the ACT again.

I can't wait until Disney! I almost have my trip payed off... I just need to get $269 from my trip account and I'm payed off. w00t. I hope I get to ride bus one... I rode it when I was a freshman and it was so fun with Cole and Jack. I've never been to Flordia before, so I admit, I'm excited. :)
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2006|02:27 pm]
Well this hasn't been updated in forever and a day so here I go.

I don't have much to say. I've actually been happy lately, except being pestered all the time, being called all the time. It's annoy as fuck after a while. I need to finish my homework. If only the books weren't boring... *sigh* Yeah, I need to go read.

Oh, and guess what? I love Eric <3
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2006|01:40 pm]
Written about two years ago:

If you...

If you broke my heart,
would I cry?
Or would I die?
Would I cry enough to fill a lake?
Yes, because you mean everything to me.
I would never abuse you,
I could never lose you.
Because you are everything to me.
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Simpsons. [May. 9th, 2006|06:51 pm]
Hi. Question for Ms. Bellamy. In episode 2F09, when Itchy plays Scratchy's skeleton like a xylophone, he strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet he produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a... (sniggering) magic xylophone or something? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

Uh, well, uh...

I'll field that one. Let me ask you a question. Why would a man whose shirt says "Genius at Work" spend all of his time watching a children's cartoon show?

(embarrassed) I withdraw my question. (eats a chocolate bar)
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2006|11:28 pm]

Bold all that apply to you.

You like showers better than bubble baths.
You cannot stand pop music.
You have 1 sister.
You are an only child.
You have brown hair.
You have blonde hair.
You have red hair.
You have glasses.
You wear contacts.
You like TV more than movies.
You don't talk on the phone often.
You like to shop.
You like emo music.

You are tall.
You are short.
You are average height.
You have long hair.
You have medium length hair.
You have short hair.
You use AIM.
You use Yahoo IM.

You have more than 3 pets.
You like sushi.
You are on a diet.
You live in New York.
You live in California.
You live in Texas.
You are currently on the second floor of your house.
You have a small room.
You are in high school.
You have 1 little brother.
You have 1 older brother.
You are allergic to something.
You have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
You have a current crush.
You have many crushes.
You have been kissed.

You have kissed another girl.
You laugh a lot.
You have lots of friends.
You are lonely.

You are depressed.
You are listening to music.

You are doing homework.
You have school tomorrow.
You are sick.
You hate your teacher.
You think your teacher is OK.

There is drama in your school, constantly.
You are wearing sweat pants.
You are wearing socks.
You are wearing a T shirt.
You have lost a loved one.
You hate your school.
You love your school.
You can live with your school, for now.

You have been picked on.
You have been yelled at.

You have gotten in a fight.
You have said a bad word.
You shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.
You play basketball.
You play softball.
You play baseball.
You play soccer.
You play football.
You like the New England Patriots.
You like the Indianapolis Colts.
You like the Pittsburgh Steelers.
You like the Green Bay Packers.
You like the Detroit Pistons.
You like the Miami Heat.
You like the Los Angeles Lakers.
You like the Cleveland Cavaliers.
You hate sports.
You get manicures.
You shop at Pac Sun.
You go to the mall alot.
You are clsoe with your family.
You never fight with your parents.
You have been grounded.
You have driven a car.
You are listening to your ipod.
You are watching TV.
You are watching a movie.
You are listening to the radio.
You are singing.
You are happy.
You are sad.

You are blah.
You are anxious.
You are about to go some where.
You haven't been out of your house for over 3 days.
Someone besides you is in the same room with you.
You love your natural hair.
You hate your eye color.
You wish you were never born.
You write your own songs.
You write books.
You hate to write.
You hate your hometown.
You love your hometown.
You are smart.

You are average.
You are dumb.
You get good grades.
You enjoy having people at your house.
You love going to the movies with a lot of people.
You like to go bowling with your friends.
You have ice-skated before.

You like popsicles.
You think Vanilla is better than Chocolate.


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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2006|10:40 pm]
Bold All That Apply~ 

I like coffee
I like fans
I like castles
I like green
I like yellow
I like red
I like lava
I like fangs
I like dragons
I like vampires
I like goths
I like emos
I like preps
I like Green Day
I like Simple Plan
I like N*Sync
I like Backstreet Boys
I like Dragostea Din Tei
I like Good Charlotte
I like Coldplay
I like Keane
I like The Beatles
I like moose
I like cats
I like dogs
I like pigs
I like cows
I like snakes :W
I like pillows
I like swimming
I like candy
I like chocolate
I like sunny days

I like rainy days
I like windy days
I like nightime
I like city lights

I like the cooountray (country life)
I like the USA
I like Australia
I like the UK
I like France
I like Canada

I like Iraq
I like Mexico
I like Russia
I like Italy
I like New Zeland
I like Greece
I like Belgium
I like Austria
I like socks
I like summer
I like autumn/fall

I like winter
I like spring
I like snow

I like tornadoes
I like hurricanes
I like earthquakes
I like Jeff Corwin
I like Steve Irwin
I like Cash Peters
I like Pee Wee Herman
I like Michael Jackson
I like George W. Bush
I like Johnny Depp
I like Emma Watson
I like Kelly Osbourne
I like Gwen Stefani
I like Mary-Kate & Ashley
I like Converses
I like Ecko brand
I like Nike brand
I like wearing suites
I like wearing dresses
I like techno
I like rock
I like pop

I like country
I like rap
I like classical
I like oldies
I like this survey

I like hot tubs
I like scary animals :W
I like big butts (and I can not lie!)
I like carpet
I like warmth
I like coldness
I like candles
I like wax
I like perfume

I like cologne
I like fire
I like sharp objects
I like dancing
I like singing
I like drawing
I like writing
I like reading
I like bubble bath
I like the smell of burning wood
I like the smell of burning flesh
I like ties
I like the colour black
I like video games
I like TV
I like computers
I like being done with this survey

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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2006|10:39 pm]
From a while ago:

evilcheese27 (10:11:15 PM): I just always thought that Taylor would think the same way i did... like the notebook, they were seperated so long, but they came back together in the end.
evilcheese27 (10:11:26 PM): that's what i have/ had hopes for.
evilcheese27 (10:11:34 PM): But I'm just afraid he will forget about me.
musicmonkey02 (10:11:45 PM): i hope it works out that way.. i honest to God do.. if there is any decency in this world
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2006|10:34 pm]
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Is it sad that I've liked him since 6th grade when I met him? Seriously, I was looking at my diary from back then, and I always wrote about him. I shouldn't have read all that. It really just me sad again. I can't believe I've like him, hell, loved him so long. That's crazy shit. And now he could care less for me, yet I still love him. Seriously, who still likes someone they liked in 6th grade? That's just... I don't even know. Arg. I need to call him. Just to tell him something though. Nothing of any importance though. Should I call him... I don't know. Everytime I do, he makes me cry so hard that I can't even breath or anything. I'm afraid to call him because I 'm afraid more pain will come... Should I call him or not... I don't know. Arg. I can't get him out of my head. Why do I want to be with him so much when he has hurt me so much.... I don't get it. I'm dumb. I should really just give up, get over him, but the truth is, I don't think I'll ever get over him. Ever. I think I really did love him. I think I really do love him still. But he really doesn't want me in my life. After a year and seven months, he's done with me. All the times he has told me he loved me, don't matter, he was lying. That's all I can figure. How can you really love someone, then break up with them and pretend like you never dated, like you never loved them. He couldn't have loved me if that's how he is acting. It doesn't make any sense. If he loved me, he might show the slightest sign. But he doesn't. He doesn't love me and I don't think he ever has. He can't... I just wish he did. I know I was in love with him and he was in love with me... How can those feelings just go away? I don't get it. I try and look back, but it's like we were never together, like nothing ever happened... I hate that. I know I'm never going to forget him, but I forget how it feels to be held in his arm. His hugs are the only ones that make me happy. I forget how it feels to hold his hand, even though his is the only hand I want to hold. I feel like it was all a dream. I don't get it. I miss him so bad, but it feels like it never even happened... How does that work? I want to be with him so bad, yet he doesn't care about me. I want a second chance, that's all, a second chance. Do you believe people deserve second chances? Well, I do and I would give anything for one with him... If he would only give me one. *Sigh* I love him too much. Why can't I stop? Really, you'd think in six months I would almost be over him. But I keep thinking of him nonstop... I can't stop. I don't want to forget about what we had, and I don't want him to forget either... but I know he will. I seriously think about my future and want him to be in there somewhere. We're going to go away to college and never see each other again. I would hate that so much. Why can't I get him out of my head, out of my future, out? Because I don't want him out. I want him to stay in, stay mine. But he doesn't want to be mine. Really. Second chances, anyone believe in them? Why won't he give me one? I love him far too much and it won't stop. You never realize how much you care for someone, until they stop caring about you. That is so true. I didn't know that I wanted to be with him, until he stopped loving me. I suppose I should have gave him a second chance, he wanted one, but it was too soon. It's not anymore, but now it's too late.

don`t know if i like you, want you,
love you, or hate you -- all i know is
that i hate the feeling i get when
i`m not with you..

cory: it just sucks you know?
shawn: what? to know it's over?
cory: no. to be the only one in the world who knows its not

"If you truly love someone with all your heart, Let them go. If they come back, they are always yours. If not, they never were."
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